Our support policy is simple: if you need help, we’ll do everything we can to provide the help you need.

Once the project is over, we don’t just walk away and forget about you. We want to make sure that your system continues to run effectively, your on-going production needs are met and your questions are answered.  If you need to talk to any of our consultants once the project is completed, we’ll make them available to you. We support you with up to four hours of consulting time each month for the first six months after the project is complete. This gives you up to 24 hours of on-call consulting time that you can use for questions, problem resolution, advice on issues, etc. This post-production support is available to you without additional cost and without the need to put in place a separate support contract.

We also provide a range of other for-fee support options, including on-call support, defined response time support and remote support.